The Holocene is the geological epoch that began after the Pleistocene at approximately 11,700 years before the year 2000AD and continues to the present. The Holocene also encompasses the growth and impacts of the human species worldwide, including all its written history, development of major civilizations, and overall significant transition toward urban living in the present.

Human impacts on modern-era Earth and its ecosystems may be considered of global significance for future evolution of living species, including approximately synchronous lithospheric evidence, or more recently atmospheric evidence of human impacts.

To experience the Holocene, you simply have to look around you and that’s exactly what I have been doing. To me travelling is many things. It’s a way in which we process and gain understanding of the world around us. To put it simply, I travel because I want to experience the Holocene, this wonderful epoch of tranquillity and bliss in which most of modern civilization as we know it today has been constructed.  We experience what life is through observing living in action and travelling is the best tool we as modern humans can use in order to gain a sufficient and submerged understanding of the human condition. It enables us to understand how different and how amazingly similar all of us are. Every single one of us are products of our immediate surroundings. Our culture, religion, appearance, likes, dislikes etc. is all a result of where we live and why we live there.

In essence, our basic fundamental human objective is to survive, and the mere act of survival in any form, can and should be deemed as a successful way of living. Therefore, travelling to different places provides you with an insight into alternatives ways of being. It shows that many people have found different ways to survive on earth. Travelling provides us with a glimpse into how so many different people have found innovative and astonishing ways to adapt to their surroundings, how they have flourished and subsequently developed new cultures, traditions and mechanisms for understanding and celebrating the world around them.

By gaining access to these alternatives ways of being shows us that there is no one right way of living or no blueprint for survival or success, and this is what makes the world such a special place.  And it is for this very reason that I enjoy going to different places and experiencing new things. I love travelling, because it gives me the chance of seeing and experiencing the different ways of doing ordinary things. Most of all, it forces me to observe and to learn by challenging my pre-conceived notions and ideas of what’s right and wrong. It has taught me to celebrate diversity and to embrace change.

There are many ways to travel and to experience our wondrous world, but I travel for the pure enjoyment and astonishment I experience when I stumble across the unknown, absurd and the seemingly chaotic.  I believe I’m here to experience, observe, reflect and document the places and people I encounter and I’m utilising this platform to express my collection of moments, experiences, photos and stories. I have a passion for photography and I have an academic background in environmental management and I want to use these mediums to express my thoughts and experiences about the people and the spaces they occupy.

“To move to, to breath, to fly, to float, to gain all while you give, to roam the roads of lands remote, to travel is to live”.


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